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Strategic Advisory Services

Competitive Market Analysis

Evaluation of Companies for Purchase




Reimagining the postpandemic workforce

Lay a strong sales foundation to accelerate growth and drive real results


Implement lasting change company-wide with strategy, tactics, process, and tools


Scale and build new or existing sales teams


Scalable. Measurable. Repeatable. Sustainable.


This is how every sales leader wants to describe their sales organization. GOLDEN SALE GROUP lays the framework for a strong sales organization that can be described in this way, allowing sales management to reach their financial and strategic sales goals.


This comprehensive solution is designed for scaling an existing sales team, building a new team, or launching a new product or initiative. It begins with deep discovery and a customized project roadmap of priorities and goals.


Based on this, sales enabling tools and processes are developed, with ongoing one-on-one executive leadership coaching and expert operational support running concurrently. The final step is sales training and implementation, to ensure buy-in throughout the sales organization for lasting success.

Pandemic-style working from home may not translate easily to a “next normal” mix of on-site and remote working.


As the pandemic begins to ease, many companies are planning a new combination of remote and on-site working, a hybrid virtual model in which some employees are on premises, while others work from home. The new model promises greater access to talent, increased productivity for individuals and small teams, lower costs, more individual flexibility, and improved employee experiences.


Now is the time, as you re-imagine the postpandemic organization, to pay careful attention to the effect of your choices on organizational norms and culture.

Covidlife has the changed the rules
– is it past time for a new site, is upgrading your old site overdue? 
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Count on us for…

• web design and development

o e-commerce

o Web hosting

• ADA website compliance to eliminate the threat of lawsuits

• Complete brand development

• Facebook & YouTube account management

• Marketing campaigns that work



Align business goals with sales targets


Develop an actionable plan that aligns marketing, sales, and operations


Acquire new business and nurture existing accounts with supported sales activities



Get Sales Results in 2021


You won't acquire new business, maximize territories, and grow existing accounts without a sales plan. While you may find success, it will be sporadic and difficult to replicate. A more effective approach is an annual sales plan that aligns overall business goals with sales targets, and lays out a roadmap to reach them.


The best sales plans align sales with marketing and operations, and set a strong foundation that drives the sales force. They lay out 2021 sales goals for new and existing business, strategies and tactics to reach them, targets and quotas for the sales team, defined sales territories, sales activities, and sales support initiatives for the year, such as training.

Employee Retention

Things have changed dramatically

If you are faced with keeping and getting good employees, go to our  site


Key Benefits of Sales Training

Become proactive, versus reactive

A sales plan gives visibility into the year ahead, using planning and forecasting. While not every situation can be foreseen, you're much less likely to be taken by surprise with a plan in hand. And when something does come up, you'll be able to react quickly and make decisions with your end goal in mind.


Make informed business decisions

Not every idea is a good idea, but it can seem that way if you don't have a plan. It can be hard to know what direction to go in, and the best use of your and your staff's time. This leads to decision paralysis, or poor decision-making, both of which are undesirable as a sales leader. A vision provides greater clarity into where to invest people and resources.


Increase profitability

Focused planning and strategic thinking will uncover customer segments, market conditions, and the best product and service offerings to focus on. This will guide sales and marketing efforts, distribution, and other business decisions, which ultimately means more bottom line profit to your company.




Team Building




Founder & CEO


Larry Golden

Many companies do not align and leverage all their assets

in a way that helps everyone in the organization attain their goals.


What makes us different from many others?

We are 'Agents of Change' who take the time to learn the following from my clients...


What you are doing

Why you are doing it

What you really want to do

Who you do it with

Do you have the 'horsepower' to do it


Selling is simply understanding what people are trying to accomplish and helping them do it better.


We will help you better understand what your prospects and customers are trying to accomplish.

Once you do that, then the customer's decision to do business with you will be mutual

and lead to a long-term productive relationship.


We will teach you how to make recommendations, not proposals.

Recommendations demonstrate understanding, proposals are transactional statements.


We will guide you to the development of a Sustainable Process that will better enable

you to accomplish BOTH your goals and your customers.


sales training, consulting & strategic advisory services

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