We leave our clients in a position to succeed and prosper with the tools they need to get there.

Following are just a few of our clients and what they say about us...

"To say that Larry is a pleasure to work with would be a massive understatement. He provided an insightful description of the sales process and had a positive impact from day 1. The first meeting after I spent real time with Larry went just as he said it would and I was fully prepared. His striking insight with the sales process is only rivaled by his willingness to help as he maintains an incredible sense of commitment, passion and purpose with everyone he works with. Learn from the best- Larry Golden."

Connor Dietz | Director of sales & strategy | March 2018

"I spent a several-day training session with Larry and it was time well spent. His results-oriented approach to selling combined with his direct feedback in training provides a great foundation for sales success.

Whether you are new to sales or a seasoned professional, there is much to be gained from Larry's training. His methods are proven and uncomplicated and made sense to me. From cold-calling to prospecting to setting appointments to analysis of information, Larry's training provides the tools necessary for success. I would recommend Larry to any organization looking to improve their sales performance."

Patrick C, Irvine CA  | august 2017

"As a result of implementing Larry's program we were able to develop a trusted advisor relationship with our clients and increase our appointment setting rate 30% by implementing a simple process into our weekly routine. These results were both immediate and sustaining.

We improved our understanding of sales activity ratios so we knew exactly how much activity was necessary to achieve desired financial results. I highly recommend Larry Golden to any company looking to improve their sales processes and propel their business to the next level."

Mike C. Detroit

"The program itself is easy to follow. It makes a person accountable for their own productivity. Larry has created a program that  focuses on not just becoming another sales representative, but a trusted advisor.

Transforming yourself into the advisor role has proven to successful in my own business. I accumulate a greater number of clients who in turn feel comfortable giving me several referrals. With Larry's guidance, my own business has continued to be successful in these hard times. In conclusion, Larry has been a great asset to the RSVP community by compiling a great sales program.

He is a trustworthy and honest, but most importantly he truly cares about each individual's success. He goes above and beyond to ensure that each person under his tutor-age is able to achieve success."

Scott R., Arizona

"Ridiculously efficient is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Larry Golden. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with Larry for several years, during which I've engaged him as a coach for sales strategy and tactical execution. The measurable results always exceed expectation and the goals originally outlined.

Above all, I am impressed with Larry’s ability to command a room and get people on board with ideas—even people who were initially on completely different pages. And, of course, his ability to synthesize complex and detailed ideas into brief snippets of intrigue that capture a prospects attention are second to none.

Larry would be a true asset for anyone looking to hire an outside gun to train their sales force AND/OR to come in and completely run or drive sales for their organization — Larry comes with my heartfelt recommendation."  
Bryce E. Solana Beach, CA. | december 2017

Murphy Business & Financial Services

"As a life-long salesperson and business owner, I am always searching for ways to improve my sales skills and those of my sales teams and immediately grow my top-line.

What I was truly impressed by was Larry's knowledge of the sales process and the customer buying process and how to intertwine the two into a sales training process that is understandable, executable, and accountable.

I choose those three words very carefully because I think they are the three cornerstones of sales training. At the end of the day the proof is in the pudding & by following Larry's program both myself and company increased sales year over year and became the highest performing office in sales and new client acquisition for two years in a row in the Central Region.

So it's worth every penny to me and continues to have a highly measurable ROI.

Finally, Larry truly cares about his clients and partners and invests himself day one in your success, he is not a here today gone tomorrow consultant in any way.

He is your partner and dedicates himself and his staff to your organizations success. There is no fail with him, he simple makes it happen."

Nick L, Chicago

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