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Golden SALES GROUP has helped their clients sell hundreds of millions OF dollars in both tangible AND INTANGIBLE products & services.

Larry Golden

Strategic High Level Consulting

Many companies do not align and leverage all their assets in a way that helps everyone in the organization attain their goals.


What makes me different from many others?


I am an 'Agent of Change' who takes the time to learn the following from my clients...


  • What you are doing
  • Why you are doing it
  • What you really want to do
  • Who you do it with
  • Do you have the 'horsepower' to do it


Selling is simply understanding what people are trying to accomplish and helping them do it better.


I will help you better understand what your prospects  and customers are trying to accomplish. Once you do that, then the customer's decision to do business with you will be mutual and lead to a long-term productive relationship.


I will teach you how to make recommendations, not proposals.  Recommendations demonstrate understanding, proposals are transactional statements.


I will guide you to the development of a Sustainable Process that will better enable you to accomplish BOTH your goals and your customers.

Founder and Sales Trainer



1. Sales Training - We understand all aspects of the sales process from a practical standpoint, not just as a teacher but as a salesperson.


2. Strategic Sales Analysis and Planning  - We will help you identify what you do well, what you should be doing and how to set achievable, measurable goals.


3. Sales Team Performance Assessment - We will deliver an analysis of your sales team and help you create an action plan for improving sales team performance.


4. Sales Team Development and Management - Together we will create a SMART business plan with measurable metrics and goals. We can help you recruit a qualified team that WILL get it done.


5. Target Account Acquisition - We will teach you how to 'get in front' of your target accounts, the ones you want but have not been able to get yet.


6. Competitive Market Analysis - We will help you better understand your customers' goals and why your customers are doing business with you.  We will identify new opportunities with your customers.


7. Competition Research - We will research what your competitors are doing, who they are doing it with, how they are doing it, why they are doing it and how to compete more effectively.


8. Franchising Expertise - Franchising is a specialized and highly regulated business.  I built, grew and managed a successful nationwide publishing franchise network.  From this I gained a deep understanding of what it really takes to succeed, prosper and comply with the complex regulations of franchising while identifying new revenue generating opportunities.




• C-Level sales consultation and strategy evaluation

• Talent evaluation and acquisition

• Full-scale training program

• Post training accountability

• Individual and team sales coaching

• Interim sales management

• Quarter-day (90 minutes), half-day and full-day seminars

• Single-topic interactive “boot camp” programs

• Expert articles for trade association and industry newsletters

• We will help you identify qualified candidates for hire


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